Current Wine by the Glass Selections

Del Rio Pinot Gris

Grizzly Peak Pinot Gris

​Westry Pinot Gris

Nine Hats Riesling

​Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir Rose

​Laguna Chardonnay

Season Cellars Transparency Blend

Illahe Viognier

Abacela Fiesta Tempranillo

​Guzzo Family Temprnanillo

​Red Lily Red Blanket Tempranillo

Rolan Pinot Noir

​Dowsett Red Blend

Maggio Petite Sirah

​Silvan Ridge Malbec

​True Myth Cabernet Sauvignon

Flights are a wonderful way to compare and discuss the complexity and style of new wines, and a great way to develop your personal palate.

These change approximately

every 12 weeks

Tempranillo Flight 14

Abacela Fiesta

Guzzo Family

Red Lily Red Blanket

Red Flight 16

Rolan Pinot Noir

​Dowsett Red Blend

​Maggio Petite Sirah

​Silvan Ridge Malbec

White Flight 14

Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir Rose

​Laguna Chardonnay

Nine Hats Riesling

Season Cellars Blend

​Pinot Gris Flight 13

Del Rio

Grizzly Peak


flights consist of three or four glasses with two ounce pours per glass

Our Wines

We carry a large, amazing selection of Oregon, Washington, and California wines, from obscure and boutique to the labels we all know and love!  We are always growing our selection but if you don't see your favorite we can order that for you!

All our wines in the bottle shop are available to be enjoyed here at The Cork!  We even chill your wine to perfection for the best experience! Wine can also be bought to bring home to enjoy in your pajamas or to give as a gift!

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